How to Choose your Profitable Blog Niche [Start Your Blog]

Profitable Blog Niche

Talking about Blog Niche How to Choose your Profitable Blog Niche, you need a profitable Niche for your blog, website and online success that can give you quick, long and easy money to earn.

The biggest problem of all the bloggers and affiliate marketers is how to choose a profitable niche for your blog? Choosing the right Niche for Blog is the first step of Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

If you have taken this step right then no one can stop you from being successful in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Online Business.

But choosing a right Blogging Niche is not as easy as people understand, often new bloggers make their own blog on any topic in such haste without thinking much and after some time they close it saying this. It is difficult to earn money from blogging.

Today only 30%-45% of people are successful in blogging because they take their first step right, being successful in blogging is not a difficult task, whereas from blogging, you can earn as much money as you would not have thought.

The only condition is that you have to take all the steps of blogging correctly, with patience and after doing good research, for that you can read wordpressfeel regularly, here you will get all the information related to blogging and the solution of all the problems. We are always there to assist you.

To create a blog, you do not need any specific degree or age or qualification, you must have a computer, laptop or mobile, internet connection and the desire to do blogging is enough.

So today we will know in this article how to choose Niche to make a successful blog? How to choose a profitable niche for blogging? List of Best Blog Niche Ideas in 2022? How to find your blog niche?

But before selecting a perfect niche, if you do not know what a niche is, then today we will first know that:-

  • What is Blog Niche?
  • How to choose Profitable Niche for Blog?
  • list of best blogging niche ideas 2022

What is Blog Niche?

Niche means Topic Blog Niche means a specific topic that covers a particular market and industry such as Education, Finance, Entertainment, Life-style, Travels, Cooking, Home-décor etc.

You create your blog on one such topic and all the articles being published in your blog are related to the same topic and their sub-topic.

You cannot do that you have created a blog related to cooking and you are getting government job updates and preparation in it or you are telling about some entertainment shyaari songs or movies, you have to publish articles based on your niche. .

If you want to be successful in blogging career in 2022, then you have to take a specific niche and publish regular articles related to the same or its sub-topic.

Let us know how to research the niche for the blog and how do you choose the niche for your blog?

How to Choose your Profitable Blog Niche?

Profitable Blog Niche

In blogging, profitable niche is different for every person, if you see a successful blogger and copy his niche and create your blog, then it is not necessary that you will get success like him.

You have to choose your blog on the bases from your hobby, area of interest, knowledge and experience, let us know how you should choose Niche for your blog :-

Make a list

To select Niche, first of all, take a diary pen and make a list of those sectors or, say, market or industry in which you have area of ​​interest, knowledge or experience.

Such as Health sector, Finance sector, Entertainment, Education sector, Travels, Fashion etc.

See, even if there is no knowledge, it will work, if you have interest, then knowledge will come to you by studying and doing research.

So first of all, you should make a list of those sectors on which you like to study, you like to talk to people on that topic, you like to do research, read and take knowledge about that topic and you do not feel tired in such work. You are not bored.

Select Micro Niche

Above you have made an industry wise list for your niche selection, which we call broad niche such as Finance, Education, Lifestyle, this is a whole industry, inside which there are many small sectors or markets, now we are in broad niche. To get out of the micro niche.

If you want to be successful in blogging in 2022, then you have to work on micro niche. Micro niche means working on its sub-topic inside a broad niche and also on their micro topic inside that.

As a quote, I have created my own blog Blogging course in hindi, whose niche is blogging, which means that my niche is a Micro Niche which is a Sub Topic within the Finances Industry, make Money Online and Micro Topic has been created on top of Blogging. .

Here the audience of my blog is only those who want to learn blogging and want to earn money by creating a blog, so whenever I publish articles related to blogging, they get ranked quickly in google.

Monetization way

See, if we talk about an individual blogger like myself, then we all create blogs to earn money.

Many Companies, Celebrities and Politicians also make their blogs but their purposes are different such as

  • be popular in the world
  • share your thoughts with people
  • And companies make blogs to give information about their products and services to their customers.

Because blog is a very good medium to reach our target audience through internet but we all make blogs to earn money.

So whenever you do a Niche Final, you have to check whether your niche is profitable or not and if it is, then in what monetization way they can be monetized.

There are many ways to earn money by monetizing a blog.

Through which program will you get that niche monetized? Does that blog come under AdSense policies or will you get affiliate programs in that niche? You also have to check this.

Another very good way to know how profitable your niche is or not is to put that niche in the google keyword planner tool and check if that CPC is looking good to you, that means you can earn well from that niche.

Check user buying-intent

User buying intent means that people who are coming to read your blog have buying intent or not, they can buy anything or not suppose I have created a blog in which various types of newly launched budget and premium mobiles of all companies. I write a review.

Now it happened that whenever people go to buy something, before they read the review of that product, then the audience coming to this blog of mine wants to buy that mobile with buying intent, so they want to know about the mobile. Is .

If I sell my mobile using affiliate link there then definitely my mobile can be sold online and this niche can prove to be very profitable for me.

For affiliate blog, you need to target your audience, which people you are going to focus on, as well as if you want to get your blog monetized from any ad network, even then you have to check buying intent to get high CPC.

If you have made a blog by focusing on the student or have created a poetry blog, then there is no purchasing capacity of your audience, they will come to your blog just to read or enjoy poetry.

In such a blog, you cannot earn money from any affiliate program and at the same time you may get even less CPC than Adsense.


Earning is not done in the blog until people come to your blog. Meaning that unless there is traffic in your blog, you cannot earn money even if you get the blog monetized from any channel.

To earn money from blog, you have to create your audience, that means when you go to choose Blog Niche, then it must be seen whether people search that topic on the internet or not.

What is the search volume of your niche or related to the article you will publish, if the search volume is good then you can select that niche, if the search volume is zero, then you will not get much benefit by creating a blog on that niche.


If you have understood all the above steps well then you must have found a good niche, but still wait, now you have to further filter your niche, whatever niche is left with you, now you have to check their competition.

If there is already a very big blog and website on that niche, then you will find it very difficult to rank your blog in google. Therefore, choose such a niche in which completion is less, then you have chances of getting success in blogging quickly.

Conclusion-Blog Niche

Here in some similar ways, you can finalize the niche for your blog. Remember, whatever niche you are selecting, it should be of your choice, if you are not interested in it, then you will not be able to work in it for long.

Blogging takes a lot of patience, so we would suggest all bloggers to every new blogger that not money, follow your hobby, there is a lot of money in blogging, it will come on its own if you follow your passion here.


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