How to Delete All Comments on WordPress?

How to Delete All Comments on WordPress
How to Delete All Comments on WordPress?

How to Delete All Comments on WordPress: Do you want to remove all comments from your WordPress site but lack the time to do it one by one?
You would not normally delete every comment, but there may be situations when it is necessary. If this is the case, you will realise that WordPress is not designed to handle bulk comment deletion. WordPress can move a large number of comments to the trash bin at once, but not all of them can be deleted at the same time.

As a result, eradicating each one would require a substantial amount of time and effort. As a result, finding a quick solution for mass erasing comments becomes a top priority.

This tutorial will show you three different ways to erase all comments on WordPress in masse.

Reasons To Delete All Comments

Comments are one of the most effective ways to connect with your readers.

Regardless of their utility, if you want your comments to have a good impact on your website and its content, you must control them. However, properly monitoring comments can be difficult, especially if you receive a large amount of spam, inappropriate links, or promotions.

Furthermore, if your website deals with sensitive topics, you may receive a barrage of hostile and abusive comments. All of this creates an unfavourable impression of your website among new visitors.

These remarks will impact both your user experience and the SEO of your website. In such circumstances, you must erase all WordPress comments as quickly as possible to avoid further problems.

How To Bulk Delete All WordPress Comments

Let’s take a look at how to erase all of your WordPress comments so you can see how it can help you. In the sections below, we’ll go through three distinct strategies for erasing all WordPress comments. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Using WordPress Admin Dashboard

The most obvious technique of bulk deleting WordPress comments is to use the bulk removal tools available within the WordPress admin. This method, on the other hand, is appropriate for users who have less comments on their websites.

  • Navigate to the Comments area of the WordPress dashboard to delete all comments.
  • Select the comments to delete and choose the Move to Trash option from the Bulk actions dropdown menu. Click on Apply button.
  • Depending on how many comments there are, you may have to wait a bit for the action to complete. When it’s finished, a success message will show towards the top of your screen.

This is one of the simplest methods for deleting all comments; but, if your website contains hundreds of comments, you should consider one of the other two methods outlined below.

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Using A WordPress Plugin

The most convenient option is to use a plugin to remove all WordPress comments at once. To begin, install and activate the Delete All WordPress Comments plugin.

  • After installing and activating the plugin, go to Tools > Delete Comments to see the total number of comments on your site as well as numerous choices for deleting them.
  • All WordPress comments, pending comments, spam comments, and trash comments can be deleted. To erase all WordPress comments, choose All Comments and then click the Delete Now button.

All comments on your WordPress site will be permanently deleted by the plugin. These include those discovered in spam and trash.

And there you have it! You can now navigate to the comments page and see that all comments on your WordPress site have been safely erased.

Using phpMyAdmin

You can delete all WordPress comments from your database using phpMyAdmin. Regardless, database and SQL knowledge are required for this method.

  • In phpMyAdmin, you can remove comments from your site by running a SQL query or emptying the comment table. Change two tables: wp_comments and wp_commentmeta, which are used to hold comments. The name of your comments tables may differ depending on the table prefix you choose during WordPress installation.
Note: Make sure you take a backup of your site before applying any changes. 
Backup can help you can restore if something goes wrong.
  • Log in to the cPanel interface of your WordPress hosting account to erase all comments using phpMyAdmin. Go to the Databases area and select phpMyAdmin.
  • You’ll need to locate your WordPress database in phpMyAdmin, as shown below.
  • After you’ve chosen the comments table, locate the With selected: drop-down choice beneath the table list and select Empty.
  • PhpMyAdmin will prompt you to confirm that you want to empty those tables. Select the Yes option. This removes all comments from your database.

You can also erase all WordPress comments using the MySQL interface (command line). Enter the following command into your MySQL console to accomplish this:

TRUNCATE `wp_commentmeta`;
TRUNCATE `wp_comments`;


While comments are beneficial to the growth of your site, there are times when you must remove them. Comments that may have an effect on the site’s SEO and user experience should be removed.

If you have a comment section, make sure to regulate it to keep spam and negative users out. You have the option of deleting the comments via your WordPress dashboard, phpMyAdmin, or a plugin.



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